Anonymous, over 2,500 Russians affected: the results of the cyber war

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Continue to cyber war against the Kremlin, with hackers from the Anonymous collective announcing that they have hit over 2,500 Russian sites and services. But they’re not the only hackers to argue Ukraine: in addition to Anonymous there are over 280 thousand members in the Telegram group of the IT Army of Ukraine. Here are the results of this guerrilla war against the Russian computer system.

Anonymous and other hackers for Ukraine: over 2,500 Russian sites hit

The Russian cyber threat cannot be underestimated. If the advance of the troops in the Ukrainian territory frightens and is having a tragic human costthe Kremlin hackers are a support essential for the military. In addition to fomenting the propaganda and withholding the true information about the conflict from the Russian population.

For this reason, cyber warfare operations on the other side of the front are essential. So much so that the same Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister for Digital Transition, Mykhailo Fedorovimmediately made a clear appeal to the hacker community.

An appeal that Anonymous has picked up immediately, but it is not the only hacker group fighting for Ukraine. They are in fact over 280 thousand subscribers to the Telegram channel trying to coordinate the attacks on Moscow. With the same clarification that Anonymous publishes on Twitter: “No. Anonymous is not at war with Russia. We are at war against Putin. The Russian people do not support Putin’s war of aggression against the Ukrainian people ”.

The large number of hackers of all levels (among which American security experts or those of other nations allied to Ukraine are probably also ‘hiding’, but without exposing themselves), makes difficult to attribute the results achieved. Anonymous’s accomplishments of defending Ukraine and attacking Russia may also include operations by unaffiliated groups. Nonetheless, the results seem to be there, despite the Kremlin’s silence on the strategic blows it receives.

Over 2,500 Russian sites affected

Results that begin to be substantial. If at the end of last weekend we reported the announcement of 300 Russian and Belarusian sites affected, the number seems to be climbing fast. Indeed Anonymous reported of having attacked 2,500 websites. Among these includes both state media, banks, corporations, pro-Russian hacker groups and airports. In the announcement there is also the term ‘hospitals‘, although we have not had official news about it and we do not know what the group means.

Among these sites, in the last few hours it seems there is also That of the government established by Moscow in the Crimeaafter the forced and universally condemned annexation in 2014.

In addition, the hackers have also breached the site of theRussian Space Research Institute (IKI). The hackers would have left a message that (after a homophobic epithet that we will not report) reads: “Sorry, cosmonauts ??? I don’t know what to say, go get yourself a nice site instead of threatening people with the International Space Station, understand ?. And then leave Ukraine alone or Anonymous will fuck you even more :)) ”. The reference is to the mention of the fact that Russia has control of the engines of the ISS, a previous fact from the Agency. The news comes after the hackers had already accessed the site Roscosmosthe Russian space agency.

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Previous attacks by Anonymous and hackers united for Ukraine

Recall that in recent days we have seen several hacker attacks on Russian institutions and media. This is the summary of the past few days (here you can read the news in their entirety).

  • February 25 Anonymous publishes the data of the Russian Ministry of Defense (perhaps already leaked in the past)
  • Anonymous hits and takes the Gazprom sitethe main supplier of Russian gas (which after the invasion is no longer sponsor of the Champions League)
  • In Belarusthe site of the leading manufacturer of Tetraedr weapons ends offline. Services railway vanno ko
  • Offline the sites of the Ministry of Justice and Energy Russians
  • They come online over 40 thousand documents in Russian del Russian Nuclear Safety Institute
  • Only on the weekend Anonymous dark over 300 websites: Russian financial institutions, government agencies and media apparatuses
  • Information from over 20 thousand current accounts of the Russian state bank SberBank they end up on the net
  • Blocked the site bestchange.rupreventing you from converting rubles into cryptocurrencies
  • The group allegedly blocked several Russian media outlets, including TASS,,, e
  • The electrek website reports the tampering of some charging stations for electric cars in Russia. The display reads insults to Putin, such as Putin Xujlo, which we could translate as “Putin the head of c *** o”. Others showed the writing “Glory to Ukraine”
  • The navigation of the yatch of the Russian president ‘Graceful’ gets hacked. On the tracking site the name changes to report insults to Putin, the destination of his next trip reads: ‘HELL‘, inferno
  • the Russian TV they show Russian folk songs (this information has not received independent confirmation) and messages to the population about the true human cost of the conflict
  • Anonymous ha posted the frequencies of Russian military short-range radios, thinking that the Ukrainian population and army can send messages to the troops inviting them to desertion.
  • The group would have subtracted of the data to the Russian Ministry of Economic Developmentby publishing your data online.
  • The affiliated collective NB65 would have blocked the space agency site Roscosmosby accessing the satellite monitoring service
  • Anonymous would have recovered the Russian invasion plans, approved on February 18, which provide for a first phase of the attack that lasts until March 6. Among these, also the possible attacks on the Ukrainian president Zelensky
  • The collective offers Russian soldiers 50,000 euros in Bitcoin to change the access passwords of the tanks and let them be hacked.

The front of the cyber war against Moscow is constantly moving, we will keep you updated in case of new sensational hits. However, inviting you to take the news with a grain of salt: between Russian censorship and hacker anonymity, it also becomes difficult for us to independently verify information. We try to do it best, but some reports may be inaccurate or misattributed – in which case we will rectify. We keep you updated.