ANote Music: the blockchain platform to invest in music royalties

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In the last two very difficult years, we have all realized, should it be needed, the importance of music, and art in general, in our lives. The songs of our favorite singers, together with the films of our favorite directors and the novels of the writers we are most passionate about, are not just a mere object of consumption, but they help us to make our existence worth living and to endure the moments painful that we can run into. But is there a way to reciprocate this heritage and support our favorite musicians, perhaps by becoming real business partners? The answer is yes, and it is ANote Musica startup that has become the leading European marketplace for investment in music royalties, founded by the Italians Marzio F. Schena e Matteo Cernuschi and yes Grégoire Mathonetall under 30.

Participation, transparency and anticipation of future financial trends. These are the cornerstones of ANote Music, which through its platform and its services proposes itself as an intermediary between artists and investors, allowing them to purchase shares of the royalties of famous artists for a certain period of time (which can even reach several years ), with which to generate a passive income. All investment proposals are accompanied by accurate statistics on previous returns and forecasts on future ones, which allow you to orient yourself in the purchase. At the time of writing, there are famous artists in ANote Music such as The Vibrations (in gara a Sanremo 2022) and entire catalogs such as that of IRMA Records, a Bolognese record label.

ANote Music: royalties e blockchain

Marzio F. Schena, CEO and Co-Founder of Anote Music

The association between a platform marked by the future of music and finance such as ANote Music and the world of crypto and blockchain is almost automatic. Recently, ANote Music has partnered with the blockchain provider Algorand, which guarantees maximum protection on every transaction. For users, there is therefore the possibility to open a profile on the provider’s site, and then associate it with their wallet on the platform, which can then be replenished with crypto funds. This turning point is part of a broader context of restyling of the site and the dedicated app. Thanks to an improvement in the graphical interface and an effective simplification of all sections of ANote Music, it is extremely easy for users without skills in the crypto and financial fields to find their way around the various investment proposals.

These recent improvements represent an important advance in the ANote Music project, which already set itself up as a virtuous example of a responsible, transparent and reliable investment platform. Since its launch in July 2020, the platform has collaborated with over 100 artists and participated in the distribution of royalties for over 110,000 songs.

An impressive result, achieved moreover in full pandemic, and underlined by the words of CEO Marzio F. Schena:

ANote’s performance in the 18 months since launch has largely exceeded our financial targets and account registration forecasts. Looking into the months ahead, we want to capitalize on this momentum by offering a refined service that attracts new and repeat investors with the quality of our user experience, customer service and product offering. With its intuitive and accessible user interface, ANote’s updated platform is designed to strengthen user engagement for a wide range of investors by providing the infrastructure and information they need to understand our full suite of catalogs and to make informed investment decisions.