AOC announces the new GH200 and GH300 gaming headsets

AOC announces the new GH200 and GH300 gaming headsets

Display specialist AOC continues to expand its portfolio, now with peripherals for gamers. The gaming expert presents two over-ear headphones: AOC GH200 and GH300

AOC, lo display specialist and leading gaming monitor supplier, continues to expand its portfolio, now with peripherals for gamers. The gaming expert presents in fact two over-ear headphones: AOC GH200 and GH300, both available from May 2021.

AOC gaming headphones: main features

The headphones share the same elegant chassis, a comfortable and lightweight structure with detachable microphone e driver da 50 mm. Both models feature braided cables with in-line remote controls and feature an attractive design (gunmetal finish for the GH200, red finish for the GH300). While the GH200 offers stereo sound with a 3,5 mm, the GH300 also provides virtual surround sound 7.1 (PC only), a USB connector and RGB light effects.

AOC announces the new GH200 and GH300 gaming headsets

Any gamer experienced with multiplayer shooter games will agree that the sound is as important as the graphics. The spatial sound allows players to pinpoint their opponents’ positions and identify what they are doing before they even see them on the screen. Nowadays, the sound design has greatly improved, providing the player with the necessary auditory feedback and completing the immersion created by the images. High quality sound is not only important in FPS titles but in every genre: for example in narrative-based action / RPG titles to enjoy epic soundtracks and intelligible dialogues, or in flight or racing simulation games to hear the intricate details of each part of the vehicles.

To deliver what gamers need to enhance their arsenal, the new AOC GH200 and GH300 headphones are equipped with 50mm neodymium drivers, offering a frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz and operate with an impedance of 32 Ω (± 15%) for sound quality.

AOC announces the new GH200 and GH300 gaming headsets

Gamers will also appreciate the microphone with detachable boom to communicate with their teams during the game or via VoIP software such as Discord/Teamspeak. The omnidirectional boom microphone can be optimally adjusted for comfort and audio levels. With a frequency range of 100 Hz – 10 kHz, which corresponds to that of the human speech, they filter out noise at both very low and very high frequencies to provide clear audio and speech quality.

Thanks to design over-ear, all external sounds such as loud PC fans or street noise are blocked, while i leatherette and memory foam ear cushions ensure comfortable use for extended hours. The outer metal mesh cover of the driver ensures the robustness of the headphones, while the adjustable steel sliding headband increases flexibility for any head size and distributes weight optimally.

AOC GH200: supporto a Windows Sonic Spatial Sound

The AOC GH200 is equipped with a 2m braided cable, of a 3.5mm jack and features one splitter a Y, which allows users to separate microphone and headphone outputs as needed. Thanks to the universal 3.5mm connector, this headset is perfect for PC, console or mobile device. The in-line remote control allows you to control the on / off of the volume and microphone.

AOC announces the new GH200 and GH300 gaming headsets

Users can use Windows Sonic Spatial Sound for PC and Xbox. The subtle gunmetal finish integrates seamlessly with other PC components and makes the headset an aesthetically suitable choice for remote business video calls or online lessons.

AOC GH300 con virtual surround sound 7.1

The AOC GH300 instead features a 2m USB cable. With its ability to virtual surround sound 7.1, players can pinpoint exactly where the sound is coming from in the game, increasing their chances of reacting appropriately or enjoying the movies, feeling completely immersed in the story. In terms of sound quality, users will be able to play studio quality audio at 24 bit/96 Khz and have the experience closest to real game audio.

AOC announces the new GH200 and GH300 gaming headsets

For even more customization, the GH300’s wire mesh cover includes RGB lighting with 4 modes (breathing, cyclic, static, off), controllable via the in-line remote, which also houses volume controls and microphone on / off switches. Microphone LED with detachable boom indicates when the microphone is muted, which simplifies everyday use and helps avoid unwanted muting. And last but not least, the wired structure of the headphones allows for a solid audio connection with no lag or compression artifacts.

Prices and availability

The AOC GH200 and GH300 will be available from May 2021 at the price of 42.90 euros and 55.90 euros, respectively.

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