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AOC enters the world of mini-LED monitors with the AGON PRO AG274QGM

It’s called AGON PRO AG274QGM, and it’s the latest AOC jewel. IPS panel with QHD resolution, Mini LED, with a frequency of 300 Hz

The new monitor AG274QGM from 68.6 cm (27 ″) boasts a IPS panel with QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), an incredible refresh rate of 300 Hz, support ad NVIDIA G-SYNC ULTIMATE e include l’NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer. Complete right?

To complement this monitor, AGON (brand of Taiwanese AOC) makes it known that even the mouse AOC GAMING GM510 now, it supports NVIDIA Reflex, and that it can be used in conjunction with the AG274QGM to provide gamers with accurate figures on their system’s latency.

As anticipated at the beginning, the new AGON PRO AG274QGM offers an exceptional 300 Hz refresh rate, a response time GtG of just 1 ms and boasts a QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), which is it sweet spot today in terms of achieving high framerates and high visual fidelity at the same time.

The backlight miniLED of the monitor consists of 576 adjustable zones, allowing the monitor to obtain certification VESA DisplayHDR 1000 for captivating bright images and deep blacks, resulting in a truly immersive viewing experience.

Coming to the mouse instead AOC GAMING GM510, boasts a honeycomb texture. This unique shape and structure makes the mouse as light as possible (58 g). The reduced contact points and breathable design of the mouse make it much more comfortable to handle. Equipped with a sensor Pixart PMW3389 High quality and durable Kailh switches for 80 million clicks, the AOC GM510 offers Real 16000 DPI, 50g of acceleration and 400 inches per second of tracking accuracy.

AOC enters the world of mini-LED monitors with the AGON PRO AG274QGM

Games using NVIDIA’s Reflex API will reduce input latency by dynamically syncing Geforce GPUs to the CPU, so gamers can capture goals faster, react faster, and aim accurately.

Additionally, NVIDIA’s Reflex Analyzer suite can work in tandem with monitors and input devices supported by NVIDIA Reflex, allowing users to see exactly what their system’s total latency is and allowing them to jump into games knowing their PC is operating at the lowest possible latency. When the form NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer detects clicks from a gaming mouse measures the change time of the resulting pixels (e.g. the flash of a gun) on the display. For more flexibility in everyday use, the AG274QGM is equipped with four USB 3.2 ports, giving users direct connectivity to their peripherals such as a keyboard or mouse. The USB port marked green between its connections is designated for integration with NVIDIA’s Reflex Analyzer.

The panel IPS wide-gamut then, it ensures wide viewing angles and great color accuracy, supported by NVIDIA patented color calibration. The monitor’s miniLED backlight consists of 576 adjustable zones, allowing the monitor to achieve VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certification.

What’s more, it reduces input lag even when activating high-fidelity features such asRealistic HDR. The integrated G-SYNC module offers a overdrive variabile, where pixel responsiveness is optimized for changes in refresh rate.

At the moment the launch price that the AGON PRO AG274QGM will have has not been declared, we will keep you updated as soon as it is communicated, but we know the price of the mouse instead AOC GAMING GM510, which is already available for purchase, at the sum of 39,90€. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

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