AOC: lancia il monitor gaming AGON PRO AG274QZM

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AGON by AOC launches AGON PRO AG274QZM high performance gaming monitor, the future of MiniLED, HDR1000 and 240 Hz gaming

AGON by AOC, one of the world leaders in the monitors gaming e accessori ITannounces AGON PRO AG274QZM da 68,58 cm (27 ″), a gaming monitor super fast (240 Hz) with resolution QHD and a spectacular panel MiniLED IPS.

The AG274QZM perfectly matches the i colorsintense and determined of the IPS panel, equipped with MiniLED backlight with 576 adjustment zones.

This allows the monitor to achieve high-level certification DisplayHDR 1000 which guarantees a peak brightness of 1200 nitsso as to also display intense blacks and sunlight in the same frame, and at the same time also offer high-speed gaming (1 ms GtG) without the sacrifices that professional gamers (usually) have to undergo.

AOC: lancia il monitor gaming AGON PRO AG274QZM

Designed for success

AGON PRO AG274QZM is the new member of the family AGON PRO addressed to the legends of gaming community, professional gamers and esports enthusiasts.

By sharing the elegant design with the family, the AGON PRO AG274QZM presents a winning line (awarded by the Red Dot Award) and a ergonomic and resistant support.

The stand with integrated cable management offers height, tilt, swivel adjustments to offer pleasant and comfortable gaming sessions.

The panel IPS of 27 ″ it is borderless on 3 sides, it has 1.07 billion colors with a resolution QHD (2560 × 1440) and a refresh rate of 240 Hzthe best combination of features for high-end competitive gaming today.

The QHD resolution gives today’s GPUs a strength for achieving high fidelity and high framerates. On the other hand, the 240 Hz refresh rate is now the new entry level for i professional FPS playerslong accustomed to frequencies of 144 Hz and beyond.

With a response time Real GtG of 1 mseven the fastest action appears on the monitor smooth and without “ghost effects“. Thanks to compatibility Nvidia G-Sync integrated, too tearing e stutter they are deleted using a variable refresh rate.

AOC: lancia il monitor gaming AGON PRO AG274QZM

The more we are, the better

The main feature of the competitive AG274QZM is its MiniLED backlighting with 576 single adjustment zones. By activating the backlight on only a small part of the panel, the monitor can achieve a peak brightness of 1200 nits allowing you to view details such as sunlight or fire and also highlighting deep and dark shadows at the same time.

This high dynamic range greatly increases the perceived contrast ratio and provides a gaming experience intense, vivid and engaging.

With the monitor shield included, the display can overcome challenges such as strong ambient light or reflections from lightsfurther increasing the perceived contrast.

Certified with VESA DisplayHDR 1000the AG274QZM offers a true experience HDRcombined with a fast refresh rate and resolution sharp QHD.

The AG274QZM is also great for gamers who they work from home or use their own PC for the content creation. The versatile monitor offers connectivity USB-Cwith power supply to 65 W to charge and power other connected laptops as well. With 4 USB 3.2 portthe monitor can also act as a dock to connect additional peripherals such as keyboard, mouse etc.

Thanks to switch KVM integratousers can exchange between two sources (such as a gaming PC and a work or streaming PC) while also using the keyboard and mouse set.

AOC: lancia il monitor gaming AGON PRO AG274QZM

Customize the monitor, availability and price

Per customize the monitor according to users’ desk configuration, the AG274QZM offers lights RGB Light FX sul retrowhich can be synchronized with other devices AGON by AOC.

The AGON logo comes projected on the desk to give an extra touch. The controller QuickSwitch supplied disc shape makes it easy to adjust settings OSDwhile it can also be controlled via the joystick o il software G-Menu.

AGON PRO AG274QZM will be available from June 2022 at the recommended price of € 1299.90.

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