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AOC presents the new Agon Pro monitor for professional gaming

AOC, the world leader in gaming monitors and tech accessories, has announced new branded products AGON PRO by AOC. These are solutions designed for video games, both for fun and to compete professionally in your favorite titles.

The AOC Agon Pro monitor is a panel designed and dedicated to players who compete in the field eSports, which require extremely performing and uncompromising products. In a professional tournament, even the press of a button can mean the difference between winning and losing.

The importance of a gaming monitor like the AOC Agon Pro

Speed ​​of execution e “mechanical” skills are essential to compete at high levels in video game tournaments. It is therefore important to use gaming peripherals such as mice, keyboards and monitors able to keep up and not miss a beat in the most delicate situations.

aoc monitor gaming agon pro

The screen diagonal is equal to 24.5 in. The panel is an IPS with FullHD resolution. The refresh rate is very high: 360 Hz, to ensure fluidity and dynamism in every situation and fight. The response time is 1 ms, thus minimizing the time between the input of a command and the action in the video game.

There is technology Nvidia G-Sync e Nvidia Reflex Latency Analyzer, to further reduce system latency. The first model in the line, the 24.5-inch Agon Pro AG254FG will be available starting September 2021. The recommended retail price is 849 euro, which reflects the target to which it refers.

The word of Stefan Sommer

Stefan Sommer, Head of Global Marketing in AOC, he has declared:

“The esports scene is very competitive, which is why it is essential to provide athletes and enthusiasts with the best possible equipment. By partnering with legendary teams like G2 Esports, we know what the pros need. And it is precisely starting from their needs that we have decided to create AGON PRO “.

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