Aopen FG110 review, the projector you can take with you

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In recent months there has always been a greater interest in the world of projectors. Many have thought of improving their home station to enjoy special visions, also thanks to the growth of streaming services and digital distribution. For those interested in this type of product, the ability to move around easily can also be very useful. So why not think about a portable projector? A great example is theAopen FG110 and in this review we want to tell you why it is a choice to take into consideration.

A portable, compact projector with everything you need

Once the package of the Aopen FG110 is opened we are faced with anything we might need. In fact, in the box we find an adapter for charging, an HDMI cable, the practical remote control to be able to manage our projection in comfort and a kit to transmit the contents without wires. Preparation is quick and easy and it only takes a few steps to be ready to go.

One of the first features that strikes us are certainly the size. It is an extremely compact projector, in keeping with its desire to be portable. We are talking about a parallelepiped with a square base of 11.5 cm per side, less than 4 cm high. It is absolutely simple to move, as well as really light. You can easily put it in a work bag, backpack, suitcase or whatever you prefer.

A really appreciable little touch is also the carrying bag, also included in the package. It is certainly a useful accessory to protect our Aopen FG110 from any scratches, but above all it offers some style points. Taking it to the office or a friend’s house will absolutely have a different effect taking it out of its case and is a pleasant and unexpected addition.

Among the other features that we still appreciated when the device was turned off, there is the docking station. The bottom of the projector can in fact be tilted by applying only a little force, allowing you to orient the projection as needed. Opening it fully will also prove to be a suitable hook for virtually any kind of tripod. This way we will have even more setup options, choosing how to position it according to our needs and the environment in which we find ourselves.

Let’s turn on the portable projector and let’s go!

aopen fg110 review portable projector

The aspect that deserves the most praise, however, is undoubtedly his ease of use. As mentioned, we have many different ways of positioning it, based on the environment in which we find ourselves (an advantage not to be overlooked for an instrument that wants to be moved when necessary), using the tripod hook and the aforementioned base. Once you have chosen the place, one click is enough to turn it on and we will be ready to start.

Even from a technical point of view, the preparation really is minimal and simple. The wheel located near the lens allows you to quickly adjust the focus depending on the distance from the projection surface. Then we will be able to adjust the picture with a very comfortable four-corner system. In this way we will be able to have an optimal vision too without having to place it exactly perpendicular on the surface (which is not always possible). Then the function that is useful rotates automatically the projection when the device is vertical, particularly when we are launching content from a phone or tablet.

The ease of use is also present in the connections. First of all, because we have a great variety of options, from WiFi (with the device we prefer, from PC to smartphone) to HDMI, up to the possibility of using a USB key with the content to be projected. Secondly because it is really quick: in a few seconds and clicks we will be ready to press play.

Absolutely satisfying too visual quality projection. While not that of an absolute top of the range, it manages to do its job more than worthily. This without requiring absolutely optimal conditions: we also tested it simply by closing the shutters and projecting on a simple white wall and the result has greatly satisfied us.

Where can it be improved?

aopen fg110 review portable projector

If under so many sides this portable projector really impressed us, there are at least two things it could improve on.

The first is the battery life. We are certainly at a good level, but far from being truly exceptional. Overall, it achieves around two to three hours of use in our tests. It can be enough in many cases, but already in case we want to see a movie It pays to have a charger and plug within reach, so as not to remain suspended on the finale of the film.

The second point on which to improve is instead the I share audio, both from the point of view of quality and power. It is not obvious to have internal speakers (especially on such a compact device) and for some uses it may be enough, however, in most cases such as the projection of a film, what is offered is not enough. Better to have an external audio source with you, even simple speakers, in order to have a satisfying experience.

It’s all about aspects all in all secondary or which, in any case, can be remedied with simple solutions. The problem is that they undermine portability of this device. It remains super easy to move from one room to another (e.g. to a friend’s house) but almost always requires an audio add-in and a power outlet. If you think you can take it on an adventure in the woods, maybe it’s not exactly ideal. But after all, it is a rather extreme use.

A portable projector absolutely recommended

aopen fg110 review portable projector

Our review of theAopen FG110 therefore it can only be positive, even considering the aspects just mentioned. If you want to use it in the workplace, for example to project presentations in the meeting room, perhaps moving between different branches you won’t have any problem. If you are aiming for home visions, it is still a convincing product, although it may require a few more tricks.

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