Apacer: great presentation at AGE 2022

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The Apacer company returns to AGE 2022 to unveil its new transformed SSDs with planned power management

L’Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE), which was postponed for two years due to the global pandemic, is officially back this year. Apacer (click here for more info on the company), the world’s leading industrial memory and storage brand, participated in theAGE. This was held in Sydney, Australia from 9-11 August. Apacer attended to celebrate the AGE’s return and demonstrate its long-term R&D capabilities in the game application. The new ones were presented Ultra-high-performance industrial PCIe SSDs not DDR5 memory solutions, which meet the high definition image and data processing requirements of the new gaming machines. Aiming for durability, data integrity and power stability, which are the most important aspects of gaming applications, the latest technologies were also shown. Apacer’s new software, firmware and hardware with great prospects in the global gaming market.

Apacer: great presentation at AGE 2022

Details on the new Apacer products presented at AGE 2022

By extending device management technology to gaming industry applications, Apacer has developed backup and recovery technology CoreSnapshot in 1 second. As well as the SSD module transformed with scheduled power management. CoreSnapshot can perform remote recovery when SSD operational state is abnormal, reducing customer complaints caused by sudden interruptions of the game. The module Transformed SSD con Scheduled Power Management integrates the real-time programming management function of the on / off cycle with a simple and effective management interface. Reducing the time it takes for operators to check, maintain and confirm the power status of a gaming machine. And effectively save on operating costs.

SLC-liteX technology

Considering the data application features of 24/7 uninterrupted operation and intensive reading of gaming machines, Apacer has updated its SLC-liteX technology. All this, to increase the number of P / E cycles to the highest in the industry: 100,000 times. That is extends the life of SSDs and improves the life of gaming machines. Regarding power stability, Apacer provides a backup power solution with technology CorePower. So that important game data can be stored in NAND flash memory in the event of an abnormal power failure of the SSD. Thus ensuring the normal functioning of the game system and the integrity of the data set.

Apacer: great presentation at AGE 2022

The exhibition

In order to create a better immersive experience and support high-resolution, high-quality image processing in the gaming industry, Apacer also exhibited Industrial SSDs and ultra-high performance memory solutions. Come SSD PCIe Gen4 x4 and production version JEDEC 1.0 DDR5 memory modules. When AGE was last held in 2019, it successfully gathered 237 exhibitors from around the world and attracted more than 9,000 visitors, making it one of the largest professional gaming fairs in the world. The gaming applications industry is experiencing a healthy recovery in the post-pandemic era, and AGE is the perfect place to witness that.

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