Apex Legends: Ribalta si mostra in un nuovo trailer gameplay thumbnail

Apex Legends: Ribalta is shown in a new gameplay trailer

Apex Legends: Ribalta will be available on August 3, the new season of Respawn Entertainment’s title. The update will introduce several new features to the game. In these hours, waiting for the next 3 August, a new gameplay trailer has been released that announces and shows in action what will be the news of Apex Legends: Ribalta.

The gameplay trailer for Apex Legends: Ribalta

The new trailer anticipates the news that will characterize the new season of the game. Among the novelties there is the unprecedented Legend Seer, a mysterious character who will offer a new way of seeing enemies. Also noteworthy is the arrival of the new weapon Rampage LMG characterized by a powerful blow that, thanks to the charge with termite grenades, can be upgraded for a higher rate of fire.

Also noteworthy is a series of changes to the map and the main points of interest. Furthermore, Apex Legends is preparing to introduce the Classified Arenas that will allow players to prove themselves as Apex Predators in Arena or Battle Royale mode for the first time ever or to prove that they are the ultimate champion by conquering both.

For all the details on the new season you can consult the official site of the game. We remind you that the new season will be available, from 3 August, on all platforms. The game is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

The new trailer of Ribalta

Here is the gameplay trailer that anticipates the new season of the game:

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