Apex Legends: team deathmatch and new modes coming?

Apex Legends: team deathmatch and new modes coming?

In a recent Q&A session, Respawn, in the person of Jason McCord, spoke about the next news of Apex Legends: deatmatch coming? Let’s find out together

Apex Legends, battle royale free to play targato Respawn ed Electronic Arts, is currently in its eighth season. The game, however, in 2021, according to the recent words of Jason McCord, design director of the Californian company, will receive many changes and several new features will be introduced. In a recent session of Q&A we talked about the possibility of introducing new game modes in Apex Legends; that the long-awaited is coming team deatmatch?

Apex Legends: the deatmatch team among the main news?

Apex Legends and team deatmatch, a possible and highly anticipated duo. There have been many streamers and content creators neighbors to Respawn and who usually hang out on the title servers (even among the highest ranks) to talk about this possible novelty. To give rope to this hypothesis are the words of Jason McCord that present the possibility and above all, the will, by the same Respawn of enter new game modes that can give even more depth to the various legends and their skills. McCord also confirmed that the title, during 2021, will reach his eleventh season and it is highly unlikely that the game will stay the same or very similar to now.

We invite you to look and view, through our player directly to the official Respawn Entertainment channel, Jason McCord’s Q&A session, in such a way as to also have a larger picture of what his words were. In this article we have reported what they are the main news suggested by the words of the design director himself and the most interesting suggestions relating to the latter. We just have to wait for further updates and developments in this regard.

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