Apex Legends: that’s when the Marauders event will start

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EA and Respawn have unveiled the next Apex Legends Limited Time Collection Event: Marauders. Here’s what you need to know.

Marauders: The new Apex Legends event will start on December 7th

Everything seems ready for the launch of the new event that will involve the universe of Apex Legends. EA and Respawn have made official that Marauders will start on December 7th and run until December 21st. The event will feature the return of the limited-time mode Winter Express, much loved by fans, as well as Legendary cosmetics and a new heirloom.

Here’s what we can expect from Marauders:

  • Winter Express – The beloved Apex Legends mode returns, giving three teams the chance to stage their own heist on the World’s Edge train. For the first time, Legends will be able to choose their equipment before boarding the train.
  • Raiders Collection Event – Players can unlock event-limited legendary cosmetics for Valkyrie, Loba, Revenant, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Wattson and Wraith – all designed to bring out the pirate hidden in each legend. Each Legendary skin has a complementary weapon in the collection or reward track. Not only will players have the ability to earn 1,600 points per day with challenges that update daily, but they will also encounter stretch challenges that reward four unique badges if completed during the event. All of these challenges are also stackable with the Battle Pass, so players can complete more than one at once.
  • Wattson legacy – Once players unlock the brand new set of 24 themed, limited-time cosmetics, they will receive Wattson’s Electric Heirloom, the “Energy Reader”.

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