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Apple: 15-20 million fewer iPhone 14 Pros for Christmas

According to the latest reports, Apple will face a shortage of iPhone 14 Pro e Pro Max for Christmas presents. Indeed, it seems that the Apple will sell 70-75 million smartphones, a drop of 15-20 million units than when expected. The problem seems to be production: the lockdowns in China have slowed down the Cupertino supply chain.

Christmas shortage: Apple to sell 15-20 million fewer iPhone 14 Pros

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Apple will sell 15-20 million fewer iPhone 14 Pros. Bloomberg thinks the device shortage may be wandering around around 6 million: minus half, but still a worse situation than forecasts at the launch of smartphones in September.

Restrictions for the recent new wave of COVID in China has led the government to close several factories, also sparking protests from workers. As it happened in Foxconn factory where these iPhones are manufactured.

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Kuo pointed out that other Chinese plants, those of Pegratron e Luxshare ICT, they will support 10% of the production of these smartphones to catch up. But the iPhone 14 Pro shortage isn’t expected to subside until late December, after the gift-giving season.

Even considering the high price of these devices, the impact on Apple’s revenues in the last quarter of 2022 could be significant. At the moment on the Apple site the delivery times are on four weeks, too much to be sure to put the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max under the tree. If you haven’t already purchased it, you may have to wait after the holidays, or choose another gift. But keep in mind that some resellers still have some products in stock.

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