Il futuro Apple A17 Bionic a 3 nm sarà un'esclusiva degli iPhone 15 Pro thumbnail

Apple A17 Bionic at 3nm will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro

Waiting for the debut of the new iPhone 14, it is already time to talk about the next ones iPhone 15 and the new SoC Apple A17 Bionic con chips a 3 nm made by TSMC. As will also happen with the iPhone 14 debuting this yearthe new chip will be exclusive to Pro models. Here are all the details on Apple’s new strategy:

Future iPhone 15 Pros will have exclusive rights to the new Apple A17 Bionic

According to the first rumors of these hours, the new iPhone 15 Pro that will debut next year will be the only ones who can count on the new one Apple A17 Bionic with production process at 3 nm. Apple, in fact, would have decided to reserve only the Pro models the possibility of exploiting the new generation chip.

This year, for example, the iPhone 14 and 14 Max, the two non-Pro variants of the range, will use the A15 Bionic already used by the iPhone 13. The same pattern will be followed in the future. The Pro versions of the new iPhones will have the new generation SoC while the others will have the chip presented the previous year.

So, Apple intends to direct users to purchase the increasingly profitable Pro models that, in addition to the exclusivity on the chip, will always be able to count on exclusive features capable of guaranteeing an extra gear compared to the non-Pro variants.

Further confirmations regarding Apple’s new strategy should arrive over the next few weeks. We recall, in fact, that the debut of the new iPhone 14 is scheduled for September.

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