Apple accidentally promotes scam apps in the App Store

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Some developers in Australia they reported that Apple has promoted scam software in the dedicated section of the App Store. An application that costs $ 13 a week, but does absolutely nothing once downloaded.

Apple is promoting scam apps in the App Store

During the trial between Apple and Epic, the most pressing justification that Apple has proposed for not allowing stores and payments outside the‘App Store is quality control. To give a quality service they must control access with the filters of their application store. So it’s even more striking when scam apps are leaked on iOS. And this time Apple has it even promoted one for download.

In the Australian store, Apple has promoted an application called Jelly: Slime simulator, ASMR. The application was in the Stories promoting new software, in the collection of apps that simulate relaxation with mud. A different and original topic. Except that Jelly: Slime simulator ASMR does practically nothing and costs $ 13 a month. Apple removed the article and promotion when online users have highlighted it.

But it is not an isolated case. In June, the Washington Post published an article highlighting how nearly 2% of the most profitable apps on the App Store are scams. Something that clashes with the words of Tim Cook, who had said that the App Store is “a place where customers can find a great variety of options, but can feel confident that the selection is high quality, reliable and up to date” .

While it is understandable that Apple cannot control any application on the App Store, on the other it could at least check the apps it actively promotes. Otherwise one might think that the limitations imposed on Epic that sparked the lawsuit are not only in the interest of the customers.

The spotlight is focused more decisively on the Apple in recent months, for good reasons. To maintain her reputation, she should be more alert to such mistakes. And check the App Store more precisely, which it wants to protect at all costs.

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