Apple punta alla decarbonizzazione della sua filiera globale entro il 2030 thumbnail

Apple aims to decarbonise its global supply chain

Apple renews its goal towards decarbonization. Today, in fact, the Cupertino company announced an important acceleration of work with suppliers to achieve the goal of decarbonising the production of Apple products. This goal includes an expansion of investments in clean energy and climate solutions around the world.

Apple aims to decarbonise the manufacturing of its products

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, says: “The fight against climate change remains one of Apple’s most pressing priorities, and moments like this embody these words. We look forward to continuing to work with our suppliers to make Apple’s supply chain carbon neutral by 2030. Apple’s climate action goes beyond our company and we are determined to be a ripple on the water by which can give rise to the wave of change. “

Apple aims, therefore, to achieve thegoal of decarbonisation for its supply chain by 2030. To achieve this goal, the company has called for rapid actions that allow suppliers to achieve the zero impact of activities related to the products of the Cupertino house. In addition, to achieve the goal of decarbonization, Apple has already cut its emissions by 40% compared to 2015.

The company also pointed out that over 200 suppliers (about 70% of Apple’s direct spending on production) they have already pledged to use clean energy to cover all production linked to Apple products. In addition, to strengthen its commitment to clean energy production, Apple intends to facilitate the construction of large-scale solar and wind power plants in Europe, from 30 to 300 megawatts.

The goals set by Apple are very ambitious with a particularly articulated action plan. For more details on the company’s decarbonization strategies, you can consult the post published today on the Apple blog.

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