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Apple announces iOS 17: here’s the news

Apple he announced iOS 17 al WWDC 2023, showing all the news from the Cupertino campus. Among these are major security optionsan app Journal to write down your thoughtsa way to use the iPhone as an alarm clock, a new contacts interface, improved text and voice proofing and transcription, and the ability to send instant voice messages. And then, as we anticipated, you no longer have to say “hey” to activate Siri.

iOS 17, Apple announces the news at WWDC 2023

In your iPhone, soon the lContact ista will look different with a new option that will allow you to create colorful and captivating images that occupy entire screen of the iPhone of whoever receives your call. They have a similar style to that of new lock screenswith bold fonts and the ability to add Memoji, and will also work with third-party calling apps.

Another interesting novelty concerns the possibility of seeing the transcript of what the caller is saying on the answering machine while he is recording it. But there are also new features for FaceTime, such as the ability to send a message.

Among the novelties introduced in the messages there is the possibility of refine searches with additional criteria, a function that jumps to the most recent message to facilitate retrieval, voicemail transcripts. And the function Check In which allows you to share your location to a contact in real time.

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New stickers, NameDrop and more

Even the stickers have been renewed, with the possibility of turn any emoji or photo cutout into a “sticker” to place on iMessage or anywhere on the system.

AirDrop gets an update for send contact details – intelligently called NameDrop. You can forward chosen emails and phone numbers (and your poster) bringing two iPhones close together. It works too between an iPhone and an Apple Watch. Photos can be shared in the same way, and if the file is large, you can now walk away while the download continues.

iOS 17 brings new things to keyboard, including more effective automatic fixes. Use a new language model to improve accuracy and an easier shortcut for undo the correction if you want to keep the word you wrote. It also offers the online predictive typing and sentence-level autocorrections to fix more grammatical errors. Dictation also takes advantage of a new, more accurate AI model.

The Journal app and the StandBy function

There is also a new app called Journal which automatically suggests i moments you might want to remember in a journal entry. An intelligent diary, in which to insert photos, music and activities. But you can also set reminders to start writing. Everything is end-to-end encrypted for added security.

StandBy is a feature of iOS 17 announced by Apple at WWDC 2023, which allows you to see various information on the screen of your iPhone when place horizontally on a charging base. Your iPhone becomes a (very) smart alarm clock. You can see the date, time, notifications, widgets and activities in real time. The screen adapts to light conditions and has a blue light filtering tint that helps you sleep when you use it at night.

Infine, Siri gets smarter and lets you use voice commands without saying “Hey Siri“. You can also ask consecutive questions without repeating the assistant’s name.

These innovations, along with the many new features announced for apps and services, will make the iPhone experience even more fluid and intelligent. But as always, we don’t know when they will arrive on your iPhones: Apple will update them during the year. We will keep you posted.

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