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Apple announces new prices for the App Store

Apple announced a major change for theApp Store: developers will be able to choose between 700 more prices for your own apps. The minimum price starts from $0.29 and it goes up to the exorbitant cost of 10 thousand dollars for an application.

Apple announces pricing for the App Store

With the new changes, Apple developers will be able to choose between 900 price ranges to charge for their applications. The 100 highest are all sover a thousand dollars: for these applications, they will have to iSend a request to Apple first. This is to avoid unnecessarily expensive applications on the App Store.

The new price points will increase incrementally. This means that from $0.29 up to $9.99 developers will gradually increase by ten cents. Then there are steps from 0.50 percent from $0.49 up to $49.99. And then step by 1, 5, 10 and 100 dollars.

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Apple also confirms that prices will be integersor have 90, 95 or 99 cents after unity (as is currently the case).

Also, Apple is facilitating the automatic conversion of the prices in 174 national showcases and 44 currencies worldwide. In practice, if an Italian developer mainly sells in our country, he can set a price for this market and automatically update prices throughout the rest of the world, based on currency exchanges and local taxes. But if they want, they can change to manual.

This price point change is expected to come soon for apps that offer automatic subscription renewals, starting today. The other apps will have to wait for spring 2023 instead.

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