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Apple: App Store security feature stopped $2 billion in fraud

Apple said in a press release today that theApp Store locked up about $2 billion of fraud in 2022, highlighting the benefits for the App Store and Apple Pay security. A way to demonstrate the warranty offered by the software management system on the iPhone.

Apple: The App Store stopped $2 billion worth of fraud

Apple says it prevented that nearly 3.9 million stolen credit cards were used to make fraudulent purchases within apps. And she knew how to bannarand 714,000 accounts that could no longer transact.

Apple also has rejected nearly 1.7 million apps that didn’t meet App Store criteria regarding “privacy, security and content”. These included 400,000 for privacy violations, 153,000 for spam, cloning an existing app, or deceiving users, and 29,000 for having hidden or undisclosed features.

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Apple closed 428,000 developer accounts for potentially fraudulent activity. And it stopped 105 million fraudulent attempts to create developer accounts. He also disabled 282 million fraudulent customer accounts and blocked another 198 million before they were created.

Apple closed fewer fraudulent developer accounts in 2022 than in 2021 thanks to “new methods and protocols” introduced by Apple to make it more difficult to create fraudulent accounts. Apple claims to have stood up for usersi from “almost 57,000” apps from “illegal stores” that spread malicious software. It also blocked over 147 million fraudulent ratings and reviews, preventing bots from misleading customers.

This news comes as the United States is considering using legislation similar to the European one, which would allow users to install apps from alternative stores. Apple says this will put users’ privacy and security at risk. And he seems to want to prove it with these numbers.

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