Apple Arcade – Goat Simulator + is finally available

Su Apple Arcade è arrivato Goat Simulator+ (e non solo) thumbnail

Goat Simulator+the original simulation game of the life of a goat, finally arrives available on Apple Arcade. However, the news does not end there! Let’s find out all the details together!

Goat Simulator+ su Apple Arcade

Are you ready to live an experience of pure fun? Are you ready to wreak havoc as a goat moving freely? Goat Simulator+the hilarious classic of 2014, is now also available on Apple Arcade.

In Goat Simulator +, players can move freely around the game environment, wreaking havoc and wreaking havoc in three levels. So we have Goatville, Goat City Bay and Buck to School. The more spiteful and destructive you are, the higher your score!

And then again

As we said, the surprises are not over yet. In fact, other highly successful titles such as for example also arrive on the platform LEGO Star Wars Battles e Mini Motorways. And then we still have MasterChef: Let’s Cook!, Fruit Ninja Classic+, Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls e Roundguard (enriched by the latest updates).

Recently updated

Below we share with you the list of recently updated titles.

  • LEGO Star Wars Battles – Season 9 kicks off with Zori Bliss as the season host.
  • Mini Motorways – For those who like to design the streets of their cities during the twilight hours, the night mode now includes a much requested feature: the headlights. This new update also features two new maps, Warsaw and Chiang Mai.
  • MasterChef: Let’s Cook! – Players light up their stoves by challenging themselves with new weekly challenges, recipes, customizations, a Primetime mode update, and more.
  • Fruit Ninja Classic+ – A brand new mission system arrives: players can complete daily challenges to unlock items or rewards and earn XP.
  • Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls – This latest update introduces new story chapters (Book 8, Book 9 and Book 10), as well as weapons, armor, skins and characters.
  • Roundguard – New bosses, monsters, items and objectives arrive, as well as two new modes: infinite and encore, the latter adding difficulty levels and new trials.

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