Apple: Automatic renewal for app subscriptions, even if the price increases

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Apple informed the developers that the automatic renewal of app subscriptions it will also continue if they increase the price. Un change in App Store policies, which until now required users to accept the price increase.

Apple, automatic renewal even if the price of app subscriptions increases

Up to now, customers would have had to accept the new subscription conditions explicitly. All through a screento “Accept the new price” where the increase was indicated. If the customer did not accept, the subscription was automatically canceled.

But with the new developer release, Apple has changed the cards. In fact now when developers decide to increase the subscription price, users will be notified but will not have to accept the new conditions. But there are limits to the new policy.

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To prevent developers from abusing this new freedom, Apple explains that the increases cannot occur more than once a year. Plus the increase it cannot exceed five dollars or 50% of the price per vehicle (or 50 dollars a year). In these cases, users will have to accept the increase as they did in the past.

Apple also explains that it will communicate the price increases in advance to users, via email, push notification and message in the app. And it will provide the information to manage and cancel the subscription if users believe the increase is too high or unjustified.

The company already tested this feature in the US when in April the Disney subscription+ and grown to $ 7.99 a month – just a notification instead of accepting the increase. Now this will apply to all apps, as long as they respect the parameters decided by Apple.

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