Apple considered a full-screen iPod years before the iPhone

Apple ha considerato un iPod a tutto schermo anni prima dell'iPhone thumbnail

Dear Apple fans, we are about to reveal a really interesting detail about your favorite company. Just yesterday Tony Fadella former senior vice president of the iPod division, shared a series of images of the Apple device on Twitter, hinting that a full-screen iPod nano was already in the pipeline years before the iPhone X. An announcement that comes just before launch of the book “Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making”, written by Fadell himself.

Apple: A full-screen iPod nano scheduled before the iPhone X

In the last few hours Tony Fadell has revealed an interesting Apple secret: a full-screen iPod mini was already in the pipeline before the arrival of the iPhone X on the market. To make this believable, he has also added a series of images that clearly show and prototypes printed during the design phase. “These are various iPod Nano models, we explored every possibility – what if the screen is that big? What if the wheel is that big? What if there was no wheel? “. Fadell glosses in the tweet.

“Printing the prototype serves to trick the brain and restart the imagination: once you make it a physical object, you can see and feel it, and so you can get an idea of ​​how it could become part of your life or that of your customers “. So wrote former senior vice president of Apple’s iPod division. Just to remind you, the Cupertino company has launched its own first iPod nano in 2005, that is three years before the first iPhone model. And even fifteen years before the full-screen iPhone X. In short, the small iPod could have been a precursor of great news for Apple, but it wasn’t really like that.