Apple could acquire the streaming rights of the Premier League

Apple could acquire the streaming rights of the Premier League

The purely television monopoly of big football ended some time ago, and in recent years it has increasingly turned to streaming. Platforms like DAZNbut also Prime Video, have now entered the billion-dollar fight for the television rights of the top leagues on a permanent basis, and from today there could be a new actor. In fact, the English newspaper Daily Mail reports that Apple is about to make an important offer to grab the streaming rights of the Premier Leaguethe English Serie A.

Without citing its sources, the British tabloid claims that the giant with the big bitten apple aims to expand its sports catalog, after recently acquiring the exclusive rights to stream the Major League Soccer (MLS), the top US league. Starting next month, in fact, all of them MLS matches will be broadcast exclusively on Apple TV+.

Is Apple aiming for the Premier League? Here’s what’s happening

Currently rights to the Premier League are valued at around £5.1bn (5.75 billion euros) and are valid for three years. The current ones will expire in 2025. Unlike the MLS however, the English Premier League provides that no single operator has the exclusive rights to all league matches.

Also according to the Daily Mail, Apple will have to compete with three other giants to be able to win the television rights. Indeed, they are in contention Sky Sportwhich is the leading satellite broadcaster and the biggest candidate to snatch away a deal, but also bt sports e Amazon Prime Video.

Meanwhile just these days Apple TV+‌ premiered Super League: The War for Footballa docuseries chronicling the controversial proposal of the Superlega, a private European football league, separate from the national leagues.