Apple, dual USB-C charger on the way

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Apple may soon launch a 35W dual USB-C chargersuitable for charging at the same time more than a iPhone or a smartphone together with a Apple Watch. The charger appeared on the official website of the Apple, and then disappeared shortly after. Announcement coming?

Apple, a double USB-C charger is coming

A support document that appeared on Apple’s US site reads simply: “Dual USB-C Port, 35W Power Adapter“. The document immediately removed suggests that Apple is preparing the launch of a new accessory for the iPhone, but that we have someone published the page instead of leaving it saved as a draft.

The document reads: “Use the Apple 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter and a USB-C cable (not included) to charge your device. Connect a USB-C cable to one of the two magazine ports, extend the metal sockets (if necessary), and then firmly insert the charger into a power outlet. Make sure the outlet is within easy reach to be disconnected. Connect the other end of the cable to your device ”.

The existence of the accessory therefore seems to be confirmed directly by the Cupertino house, which seems ready to invest once again in the convenience of charging. After revolutionizing the segment with technology MagSafe, a dual charger may seem like a trivial matter. But this would be the first for Apple, a sign that the company wants to provide more and more accessories for eusers’ top-up requirements.

The characteristics of the new device

As pointed out by the 9to5Mac journalists who found this device on the Apple website, currently the smartphone with the fastest charging offered by Apple è iPhone 13 Pro Max. Which has a maximum allowable power of 27W.

This means that the dual charger could easily handle both one of the new iPhones and the newest version of Apple Watchwhich instead loads a a maximum of 5W. But it should also be able to charge two iPhones at the same time if needed. A convenience for anyone who travels and wants to carry as few chargers as possible.

According to the data reported in the leaked online support document, it should have a entrance 100240V/1.0A. It’s a doppia uscita da 5 V CC/3 A o 9 V CC/3 A o 15 V CC/2,33 A o 20 V CC/1,75 A.

At the end of last year some rumors wanted the Apple to work on a multi-device chargerwhich will allow you to reload in modalità wireless iPhone, Apple Watch e AirPods. Perhaps in Cupertino they are about to launch a new line of loaders of different types, both from home / office and on the go. An opportunity to exploit this huge market which, with the exception of MagSafe, Apple is currently leaving to other companies. But that could soon call back for itself.

It is currently unclear when the device will debut, but support documents are not usually prepared when the launch is far away. announcement will arrive shortly? We will keep you informed to let you know immediately.