Apple excludes BOE, has changed the displays of the iPhone 13

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According to the Korean newspaper The Elec, Apple would have ruled out BOE from the supply of display per iPhone 13. It seems that the Chinese manufacturer has made some changes without notifying Cupertino. But in all likelihood, the relationship between the two companies will continue.

Apple would have excluded BOE from producing displays for the iPhone 13

BOE provided i OLED display for 6.1-inch iPhones last year (the base model and the Pro). However, production has decreased since February. At first it was thought that the problem was the lack of drivers for i Integrated Circuits (IC), due to the fact that the supplier LX Semicon was giving priority to the rival LG Display.

But a report from The Elec would seem to suggest something else. In fact, it seems that BOE has changed the design of its OLED panels, without notifying the Apple. It would have in fact expanded the thickness of the circuits in the Thin Film Transistor. A change that led Apple to stop production once discovered.

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Even if this catch were confirmed, it should not completely block relations between the two companies. Apple has already contacted BOE for the production of the iPhone 14 displays. Not only because of the supplier’s job, but also because they have a third competitor in addition to Samsung Display e LG Display it allows to fuel competition and lower prices.

BOE has already produced OLED displays for iPhone 12 and 13 in its Chinese factories, producing 10% Apple’s smartphones in 2021. However, the company has already begun work on a major expansion to steal LG’s place as Apple’s main supplier.

We will see if after these facts he will still be able to do it. We will keep you posted.

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