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Apple focuses on renewables for partners

Apple’s race to support the production of electricity from renewable sources continuesi: the company, in fact, aims to achieve the goal of make the entire supply chain carbon neutral by 2030. Considerable progress has been made in the last year in this regard. Here are the details on the progress of the project revealed in these hours by Apple.

The share of renewables among Apple’s partners is growing: +30% in one year

Apple announced that its partners have reached a share of 13.7 gigawatts of installed power from renewable sources, registering a increase of +30% compared to last year and getting ever closer to the carbon neutral target. Thanks to this increase in the production of renewables, 17.4 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere have been avoided (the equivalent of about 3.8 million cars).

The Cupertino company has contributed significantly to the growth of the renewable energy production of partners with investments of almost 500 megawatts in photovoltaic and wind energy in China and Japan. It should also be noted that, in Europe, 6 of Apple’s 30 partners are already carbon neutral, using only energy produced from renewable sources.

As 2030 approaches, Apple continues to pursue its goal of making its entire supply chain carbon neutral. We will see if the set target will be reached or not within the foreseen times.

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