Apple focuses on sustainability for its repaired iPhone packaging

Apple prepara nuovi imballaggi sostenibili per i suoi iPhone riparati thumbnail

Apple prepares another innovation in terms of sustainability for its iPhones. According to a new report, in fact, the Cupertino house is testing aa new box to be used for shipping repaired iPhones from technical assistance. Currently, Apple ships the repaired iPhones to its customers in a plain, white-tinted box with plastic inner packaging. However, things will change shortly.

Apple focuses on sustainability for the packaging of its repaired iPhones

The Cupertino house continues arreduce the presence of plastic inside its packaging. The next project is about the repaired iPhones that Apple returns to users. The new box will be made entirely of bleach-free paper and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The confirmation comes from a MacRumors report.

Currently, the project concerns the repaired iPhones 12 which are equipped with ecological and sustainable packaging and then shipped directly to customers or to Apple Stores. In the future, this packaging should be extended to all repaired models.

In addition, last April, Apple confirmed that it had reduced the use of plastic for its packaging by 75%. Today, plastic accounts for only 4% of the packaging material used. The company will continue its sustainability program, aimed at reducing the use of plastic. In the future, the packaging and packaging of the new iPhones should also become more sustainable.

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