Apple, Google and Microsoft say goodbye to passwords

Apple, Google e Microsoft dicono addio alle password thumbnail

Google, Apple e Microsoft sign an alliance to say goodbye to passwords by adhering to the passwordless standards of FIDO Alliance e World Wide Web Consortium. If you already log in using authentication a two factors, PIN or biometric scans are commoni, this alliance should make it easier to access your accounts from each device.

Goodbye passwords, thanks to the alliance between Apple, Microsoft and Google

With the new alliance signed in these hours, accessing your accounts becomes even easier. In fact you will get yours FIDO authentication directly on your smartphone or tablet to access apps and sites on nearby devices, no matter the platform. Likewise, you will often have automatic access to each account on the devices, even the ones you just bought.

The goal is to have a system passwordless “end-to-end” per app e website. Once you have unlocked a device considered safe as one smartphone with fingerprint or Face ID rather than a computer with a PIN, you should be able to access all of your accounts without any problems.

Furthermore, this system allows two-factor authentication on secure systems and avoids the possibility of sharing passwords online and cbecome victims of scams and hacker attacks. If implemented well, it should increase security and make it easier and more direct to access your account on both smartphones and laptops, TVs or smart devices of any kind.

Microsoft, Apple and Google aim to enable this zero-password strategy in the coming year. So we expect updates that allow you to take advantage of these features that, until now, were reserved within the ecosystem. Instead it should soon become usable on most devices.

We will keep you posted. But for the moment, don’t start forgetting your passwords right away.

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