Apple has an agreement with Yangtze Memory: US worried

Apple ha un accordo con Yangtze Memory Technologies: gli USA pronti ad intervenire thumbnail

Apple is about to sign a major deal with Chinese chip maker Yangtze Memory Technologies. This agreement is creating quite a few concerns in the US enough to push some senators to request an investigation by American intelligence. Here are the details:

Apple has an agreement with Yangtze Memory Technologies and the US is very concerned

L’agreement between Apple and Yangtze Memory Technologies arouses not a few concerns in the US. Senators Mark Warner and Marco Rubio, in fact, wrote to the Director of Intelligence Avril Haines asking for more information on the agreement. Everything revolves around the role of Yangtze Memory Technologies.

The Chinese company, according to what the senators report, would have “broad but often opaque” ties with the Chinese Communist Party. The company could be viewed as a national security threat in the US. Further updates on the issue could arrive over the next few weeks.

The agreement between Apple and the Chinese manufacturer, meanwhile, will continue to move forward. The Cupertino company continues to look for new solutions to make its products even more competitive and achieve new record results, as happens from quarter to quarter. For the moment, the role of Yangtze Memory Technologies remains under the attention of the US.