Il nuovo MacBook Air M2 promosso nei primi benchmark: è al livello del Pro thumbnail

Apple has cut sales estimates for the new MacBook Pros

Apple would cut the estimates of the new MacBook Pro thumbnails

Production of the new ones will start by the end of the year MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inches of Apple that will lead to the debut i chip M2 Pro e Max. Apple has been working on new projects for some time but, according to the latest rumors, it would have decided to cut sales estimates and, therefore, the production orders. At the base of this choice there could be the crisis of the PC market.

Apple cuts orders for new MacBook Pros arriving later this year

The indiscretion was launched by the analyst Ming Chi Kuo, a real point of reference for rumors related to the Apple world. According to the analyst, the cut in orders would be 15-20% compared to initial estimates. At the basis of this choice there could be various factors. The crisis of the PC market and the economic recession will certainly play a role in this choice. In any case, the new MacBook Pros shouldn’t be too late. The cut in estimates is however a very rare event for Apple.

Apple has now started preparations for entry into production and subsequent arrival on the market. It will be necessary to wait for the next few weeks to see what the market response will be. The current 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros are far from obsolete. These are two very popular models that still occupy the top of the notebook market. Doing better than what is achieved with the current Apple Pros will not be easy.

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