Apple has eliminated a dangerous vulnerability from iPhone with iOS 16.2

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The new update of iPhone brings several novelties, but Apple also eliminated one dangerous vulnerability with iOS 16.2. The patch for the WebKit problem had already arrived in late November, but the new features could convince iPhone users to take this step for security.

Apple removes a vulnerability from iPhone with iOS 16.2

Google researchers had discovered a dangerous vulnerability in WebKit, the Safari engine. A small bug, which could be dangerously exploited by hackers (although it doesn’t appear that anyone used it). The vulnerability endangered all iPhones with operating system later than iOS 15.1.

The vulnerability was particularly dangerous because all apps use WebKit su iOS, not just Safari. For this reason, although it had just released its new update, Apple on November 30 ran for cover with iOS 16.1.2, which solved the problem. The update, however, did not bring any other new features: so there is a risk that several users have skipped it.

The new iOS 16.2, on the other hand, brings lots of new features to the iPhone, from the app Freeform until Apple Music Sing. So, with the excuse of karaoke, Apple hopes that several iPhone users will update to this version, which contains the fix released at the end of November and which the Csirt (National Security Agency) also considers essential.

The seriousness of the WebKit flaw depends on whether it allowed to execute malicious code on a device remotely. Difficult that a hacker could use it, given the timely notification by Google. But if it did, it would have the potential to do massive damage to your iPhone. This is why updating becomes really essential.

Stable updates, on your private iPhone, are always advisable. But this becomes especially important if you stayed stop at iOS 16.1 or even iOS 15. To update, all you have to do is go to the Settings and choose the System Update item.

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