Apple: here are the most downloaded apps on the iPhone of 2021

Apple: ecco le App più scaricate su iPhone del 2021 thumbnail

The end of the year is now around the corner and, as usual, December also means looking back to get an idea of ​​how the previous eleven months have gone. This is what he did Apple, which has drawn up a ranking of its own App most downloaded on iPhone and therefore award winners App Store Awards: let’s take a look at which are the winners of 2021.

Apple: the most downloaded apps of 2021

“In 2021, apps played a more essential role than ever in our lives,” he said Tim Cook – They have helped us move forward in a year that has continued to challenge us in so many ways, as a global community and in our lives. The apps have helped us form deeper connections between us, express our creativity and engage with new people, experiences and cultures. “

The theme of connections this is precisely what has been the guiding thread for this year’s award ceremony, which saw five Apps obtain the crown that, according to Apple, have allowed us to “restore our sense of being together”, here are what they are:

  • Canva: let’s start with an app for insiders. Canva offers design tools to improve communication, at work as in private life and, although it is aimed at a specific professionalism, it is very easy to understand and therefore to use daily to communicate through social media.
  • Peanut: in this case we are faced with a collection of audio that tell the story of femininity in all its aspects, from adolescence, through pregnancy to menopause. What better way to celebrate women?
  • Among Us: the Inner Sloth party game finds a place of honor in this ranking, given that it is one of the most used software during the lockdown, also due to the strong social component of the gameplay. Even now it remains a much loved product.
  • EatOkra: For lovers of good food, this application is a guide made up of 11 thousand restaurants run solely by people belonging to the black community.
  • Bumble: Finally we find the dating app that has made people talk about itself during the past months. In fact, Bumble only allows women to make the first move, while male users can only be chosen.