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Apple, here comes the personal shopper: iPhone Specialist helps you choose the device online

Apple he’s thinking all of them. On the occasion of the launch of the new yellow color of the iPhone 14 and the future iPhone 15, the Cupertino company has introduced an interesting novelty for its customers. It is about the‘iPhone Specialist, or an Apple salesman who helps you choose the right iPhone directly in a video call. Here’s where and when to use the service.

Apple introduces iPhone Specialists online

Apple’s idea is to offer the same experience as Apple Stores, but online. It will be possible video call an Apple salesperson to receive any kind of advice on iPhones and choose the model that best suits your needs.

At least for now, the feature will be available only in the United States and will be dedicated only to the purchase of iPhones, although obviously it is plausible that in the future Apple will decide to expand videochat to other types of products as well. iPhone Specialists are available every day from seven in the morning to seven in the evening.

Another interesting aspect that will put the customer even more at ease is the fact that he doesn’t necessarily have to show himself on video, while the sales assistants do. This is to make the dialogue a bit more personalizing.

At the moment it is not clear whether the iPhone Specialists who answer the calls are a dedicated team or are part of the teams of Specialists who also work at the physical Apple Stores, but what is certain is that Apple seems interested in drive online salesmaking life as easy as possible for potential customers.

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iPhone 13 VS iPhone 14

Aesthetically iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 are almost indistinguishable. We have the Ceramic Shield on the front, the back always in super resistant glass and resistance to dust and water, up to 6 meters for a maximum of 30 minutes. Apple also guarantees that it will be splash-proof for coffee, soda and more.

change the weight, with iPhone 14 which is lighter than a gram. Apple finally also changed the internal design, with an architecture designed to promote heat dissipation. However, the new architecture brings with it another advantage, perhaps more tangible: the rear glass is now no longer one with the skeleton of the phone, therefore it is easier both to replace the glass and to access the internal components.

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