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Apple: homemade microLED displays also for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Apple would be planning a change in display technology across the board: microLED per iPhone, iPad e Macafter the debut of screens designed in Cupertino on Apple Watch Ultra in 2024. A technological revolution that wants to make Apple more independent from suppliers.

Apple brings made in Cupertino microLED displays to iPhone, iPad and Mac as well

In his latest email from the Power On newsletter, analyst Mark Gurman rounds up on a prediction made just a few days ago. The reporter explains that Apple has spent the last six years developing the right technology to design demicroLED displays tailored to your products.

This is to become more independent from its screen suppliers, mainly lg and samsung (the only company in the world to sell more smartphones than Apple). The microLED project, codename T159, began in 2017 and it seems that in 2024 it will finally debut: on the new version of Apple Watch Ultra.

apple watch ultra microled display min

After the debut on the small format of the smart watch, which with microLEDs should be brighter than the current OLED, Apple wants to bring the technology to all its products. iPhone, iPad and Mac: everywhere there’s a screenwill be a display designed in Cupertino.

According to Gurman, after the text on the watch, Apple will aim to debut its microLEDs on the device responsible for more than half of Cupertino’s revenue: iPhone. Lowering costs on this device would be fundamental for Apple’s accounts.

iPad and then Mac should follow. But Gurman says that Apple will have patience for these technologies. Apple has been using OLED displays for several years and is only now bringing them to the iPad. So let’s expect to see i microLED on iPads in 2030 and Macs four or five years later.

With its homemade components, Apple is running a marathon: it will take its time to introduce them, only when they are ready. As happened with the M chips.

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