Apple indaga sui problemi di ricarica di iPad mini 6 thumbnail

Apple investigates iPad mini 6 charging issues

Apple investigates iPad mini 6 thumbnail charging issues

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An internal note reveals that Apple is investigating the problems of charging iPad mini 6, which appear to be caused by iPadOS 15.5. Cupertino seems aware of the problem and advises Apple Store staff to recommend a reboot to users. While Apple’s engineers find a solution.

iPad mini 6, charging problems after iPadOS 15.5: Apple investigates

The internal note sent to sellers and Apple support acknowledges the problem: some users are unable to charge their iPad mini. A problem stemming from the arrival of iPadOS 15.5, the new operating system of Cupertino. That would have compromised something in the code of the devices that makes it impossible to complete the recharge.

Apple says to recommend a reboot to users, as a temporary solution to unblock the situation. But he is aware that it is not a definitive fix.

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However, the note points out that the problem is not hardware: replacing cables, batteries or inputs will not change the situation. So if you’re having this kind of problem, don’t get any parts replaced (or replaced yourself).

The solution should come with iPadOS 15.6, which developers are currently testing in beta. We expect Apple present a solution as part of the next updatewhen it becomes available to users.

Apple fans will therefore have to be patient, as no Apple Store in the world will be able to solve this problem. We have to wait for the next update: we will keep you informed on the release times. And whether or not it can solve the problem.

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