Apple is preparing to build its own 5G chip

Apple produrrà i propri chip 5G nel 2023 thumbnail

Apple should launch your own modem 5G for the iPhone in the 2023but it looks like he won’t end his relationship with Qualcomm. The production will be up to TMSC but it seems Apple should still pay Qualcomm licenses.

Apple prepares to build 5G chips on its own

Historically, Apple has leveraged the expertise of Samsung e Qualcomm for the connectivity of your smartphones: from cellular network to Wi-Fipassing through the Bluetooth. But Cupertino increasingly wants to design its iPhones in every detail and in 2023 would like to build 5G modems independently.

The relationship with Qualcomm began to crack when Apple accused the chip maker of make it pay twice. One when he bought the chip and another for the licenses due to use the technology. Apple had started a trial but had to back out and settle, especially since Intel gave up developing 5G chips on its behalf. Indeed, iPhone 14 should havee once again a Qualcomm chip.

However, Apple has bought the modem division of Intel and is preparing to launch its 5G modem on the iPhone 15. According to reports from Digitimes, Apple has already contacted Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) e Siliconware Precision Industries (GAME) for testing. While for the production it should rely as it happens for the A series processors for the iPhone to TMSC.

However, for the time being, it looks like Apple will still have to pay Qualcomm for some designs it uses on the chips, despite having bought Intel’s patents. The legal battle with Qualcomm should therefore continue silently but it remains likely that Cupertino will also have to pay for next year Snapdragon chip manufacturer, even if he won’t use one.