Apple M2 ARM SoC: The SoC for new Macs is already in production

From sources close to Apple, the new SoC intended for the new Apple M2 ARM products appears to be already in production. Let’s find out more

The successor of the lucky one chip M1 used extensively in the Mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro it appears to be in an advanced state of design and production. It is even said that the first units equipped with the new SoC Apple M2 ARM they might even be available to July. We just have to wait, hoping to see the first products equipped with the new SoC that it promises as soon as possible superior performance compared to the previous model.

The rumors about the new SoC

This should be a processor a 5nm + made by the note TSMC but in an improved guise both in terms of efficiency and performance. As a solid foundation, theARM architecture heavily remodeled by the engineers of the multinational. What is expected is one higher efficiency in the ratio per watt, due precisely to the transition to the 5nm + processor. The performance in single core should, as a consequence, increase.

Apple M2 ARM SoC: The SoC for new Macs is already in production

Core of the new processors

As for the number of CPU cores, it is said that the new Apple admiral will be equipped with 12 core divided into two clusters: 8 high-performance cores and the other 4 high-efficiency cores. Should this configuration be confirmed, probably the improvement multithreaded performance would result less pronounced Compared to the M1 chip which integrates a total of 8 cores (4 high performance and 4 high efficiency).

There are no indiscretions on the GPU and on neural unity. However, we are always listening ready to provide you with the last news and the latest rumors. What do you think of these news on SoC Apple M2 ARM? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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