Fallout 76: new update available

Bethesda’s support for its post-apocalyptic MMO continues: the latest major update to Fallout 76 is now available, accompanied by an explanatory trailer

To date, more than 2 years after its launch, that raw product it was initially Fallout 76 can be said to be definitely improved, thanks to constant updates from Bethesda Game Studios. And also it seems that they do not want to stop here: through an official press release, Bethesda has made it known that the new update is now available “Ready and loaded”, the first step of the roadmap for this 2021. This update therefore kicks off the season 4 of Fallout 76, and adds many new features that will surely interest fans of the title: let’s see together what it is.

New in the Fallout 76 update

One of the first new features that Fallout 76 finally enjoys thanks to this update responds to one of the biggest requests from the community. From now on, the SPECIAL equipment will allow you to completely restore the SPECIAL parameters of a character in real time, allowing you to create build diverse extremely quickly. The ability to apply this type of changes will be unlocked only after reaching level 25, and it will be necessary to turn to the validating machines (buildable in the CAMP or found in the railway stations of Appalachia).

Other than that, another very important addition is it additional slot for the CAMP, thanks to which finally everyone can build more than one CAMP at a time. Each of them will feature location, building budget, custom name and even a unique icon on the map. You can only have one CAMP active at a time, and you can move between one and the other through fast travel.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention all of those Announcements that are added to what was already present previously: you can advance further with 100 new ranks to reach the Power Patrol, you can try your hand at a new Armor Ace with new special rewards and you can also dedicate yourself to new daily missions, too with new types of rewards.

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