Apple may move some of its production out of China

Apple potrebbe spostare parte della sua produzione fuori dalla Cina thumbnail

Apple could decrease his supply chain in Chinain favor of establishments present in India e in Vietnam.

Because Apple may partially leave China

The indiscretion came from the Wall Street Journal, according to which Apple is planning to migrate its production elsewhere, probably to India and Vietnam. In fact it seems that the Cupertino multinational would have asked the related local suppliers of speed up the assembly of products.

This relocation in the relocation of a part of the production would seem to be the result of a very tense year for Apple, especially after the protests that broke out in Foxconn plant.

These events would have led the company to decide to move part of its production outside China, thus progressively reducing its dependence on the country of the Dragon.

The Foxconn case may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back

In recent weeks, the protests that erupted at the Foxconn plant have held ground all over the world. For the first time, a group of workers openly challenged the Beijing government, protesting not only the anti-covid policies, but also the poor conditions in which the workers were forced to work.

This has also led to negative results on Apple itself, which produces the majority of the units in the Foxconn factory iPhone 14 Pro.

The protests, in fact, have slowed down production, forcing the multinational to decide to reduce the annual amount of iPhone 14 Pro expected for 2022 as many as 6 million devices. Everything to keep faith with the orders placed by customers and to cope with the Christmas period.

But there may be much more in between. Mainly due to COVID and with a real estate bubble ready to burst at any moment, China has lost its appeal in the eyes of several companies over the last few years, showing itself as a manufacturing hub that is gradually weakening day after day.

Also the tensions between the United States and China they don’t seem to want to calm down and in 2022 they reached their peak due to the age-old question about Taiwan.

Consequently, as much as Apple could continue to remain dependent on China for the next few years, the multinational would have decided to move part of iPhone production (we are talking about a percentage that could go between 40% and 45%) in India and allocate to Vietnam the production of AirPods, AppleWatch e MacBook.

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