Apple lancia un’app dedicata alla musica classica: arriva Apple Music Classical thumbnail

Apple Music Classical is now available on the App Store

Apple Music Classical is available today on the App Store: here's what it's all about thumbnail

A Ebbasta sphere favorite Johann Sebastian Bach? Do you want to hear the Requiem by Verdi in spatial audio as you listen to the latest album by Miley Cyrus (of which, in this regard, you can find our review here)? Don’t worry: from today you can. After the announcement a few weeks ago, Apple has officially launched Apple Music Classical: a stand alone app entirely dedicated to classical music.

The download is available today on the App Store.

How Apple Music Classical works

The app was born directly from Primephonica company acquired by Apple in 2021. As a result of the acquisition comes the first music application entirely dedicated to classical music bearing the logo of the big bitten apple.

Users will be able to listen to their favorite compositions by having any active Apple Music subscription (Individual, Student, Family or Apple One plans are eligible). However, it is not possible to use the service with an Apple Music Voice subscription.

The Apple Music Classical catalog includes more than 5 million songs, performed by the world’s leading orchestras. Listening is in high resolution with lossless audio (up to 192kHz/24bit). Also supported spatial audio and the entire catalog is supplemented with biographies of the great composers and conductors’ notes of the individual recorded performances.

At the moment the app does not allow offline listening and there is no version optimized for iPad. But we are sure that Apple will remedy these two shortcomings very soon.

We remind you that if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber you have until March 31st to redeem three free months of Apple Music.

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