Apple Music privacy issue: exposed private playlists of many users

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Serious privacy issue on Apple Music, where some users claim to have access to playlists belonging to other accounts. A criticality that recalls what happened at the beginning of the week for ChatGPT, where several users had been able to access the chat history of other users.

The reports began in the past few hours on Reddit. Here many have noticed that among their libraries there were private playlists belonging to other users. In some cases, unknown playlists have been merged with the user’s already existing playlists, causing quite a bit of confusion. In other cases, the user’s playlists have even disappeared or been replaced by others belonging to other listeners.

Apple Music and the Privacy Issue: What’s Going On?

At the moment it cannot be ruled out that Apple Music accounts have been hacked. According to Macrumors, the problem lies with Apple’s servers and an account synchronization error. The portal recommends canceling and then re-enabling iCloud sync for the Music app. To do this, just go to Settings -> Apple ID -> iCloud -> Show All. This solution, which sounds a lot like the classic “try turning it off and on again”, is working for many users.

As far as we know, the appearance of unknown playlists occurs only from mobile, while there are no reports from Mac. The problem is very reminiscent of another iCloud bug, which occurred last year, in which some users had access to videos and images of strangers.

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