Apple Music reaches 100 million songs in the catalog

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It is difficult to forget the times of the mythicals iPod. Devices that stored digital music, rigorously downloaded from iTunes, which we all loved (and love). We used them everywhere, on public transport and while exercising. To the point that Apple provided us with different models according to the most varied needs. But more than twenty years have passed, and the music itself has changed. Goodbye to songs being downloaded to devices and goodbye “insufficient storage space”. And with music, Apple has also evolved, with the service of Apple Musicall in streaming, with a library that today reaches 100 million songs.

From iPod to Apple Music: the evolution of music according to Apple

To celebrate this important milestone, not without a note of nostalgia, Apple has released a press release signed by Rachel Newman, head of Apple Music global publishing. Here are his statements:

“Twenty-one years after the invention of iTunes and the debut of the first iPod, we have gone from 1,000 songs in our pockets to 100,000 songs on Apple Music. It has been an incredible growth from every point of view. The entire history of music, the present and the future, are within reach, not to mention by voice. More music than any other platform. To put it simply: the largest music collection, in any format, ever

One hundred million songs, and that’s a number that will continue to grow and multiply exponentially. But it is more than just a number. This milestone represents something much more significant: the business change in music production and distribution over the past two decades ”.

Over the last few years, Apple Music has significantly expanded its catalog, going far beyond the simple use of singles and albums. The platform has indeed introduced the live streaming of concertsthe DJ Mix and exclusive versions, live and in the studio, of covers with the format Apple Music Session. The company is also expected to launch an app dedicated to classical music called the Apple Classical.

In the meantime, in another piece of news, we told you how Apple Music will be the official sponsor of the Halftime of the next Super Bowl, taking up the baton left by Pepsi.