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Apple’s development program for its iPhone range continues. Among the innovations that could be introduced in the near future there is also the reverse charging, a function that will allow an iPhone to charge other devices and, in particular, other iPhones. Confirmation comes from a patent. Here are the first details on what could be one of the next innovations in the iPhone range:

An Apple patent anticipates reverse charging for iPhones

In late September, Apple filed a patent that anticipates the introduction of a new system for reverse charging on iPhones. This solution could be developed in particular for rwirelessly charge another iPhone taking advantage of the charge stored in the battery of your smartphone.

It is not the first time that anticipations of this new function have emerged. Apple has been working on a reverse charging system for its iPhones for some time. The times are almost ripe for the arrival of such technology in one of the next iPhone models. The new patent appeared online in these hours is an important confirmation in this sense.

More details regarding this technology could arrive in the near future. Reverse charging may carve out a space between iPhone 15 that could be the first smartphones from the Cupertino house to support this new solution. We will know more shortly.

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