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Apple patents a glass MacBook

Apple would have filed a patent in order to build his own in the future MacBook in glass. This could allow the ricarica wireless, as happens with iPhones. While giving up the solidity of the aluminum body currently in use.

Apple patents a glass MacBook (for wireless charging?)

Recently, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a patent for a MacBook made from glass. According to reports from the specialized newspaper Patently Apple, the material would be used in the keyboard area and would use del flat glass folding. This type of material should provide sufficient strength while remaining thin. In addition, it should improve the experience of typing on the keyboard.

There is no mention in the patent that the glass would allow you to take advantage of wireless charging, since induction would no longer be limited by the metal currently used in MacBooks. Since the patent mentions the area of ​​the keyboardit could however guarantee the possibility of reloading for reverse charing other accessories, such as AirPods and even the iPhone.

MacBook with glass chassis min

However, these are only speculations, as the patent only focuses on the possibility of providing a glass panel to act as a physical keyboard for MacBooks. The potential is many, from design to more technical notions such as those on charging.

Apple is one of the most patent-filing companies in the world, so it’s no wonder it’s chasing the possibility of using alternative materials on its MacBooks. However, patents do not always become products, indeed there most are discarded for production reasons or market positioning.

So we don’t expect to see any MacBooks with glass keyboards and reverse charging in the coming months. But now we know it’s a possibility the Cupertino engineers are working on.

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