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Apple patents a temperature sensor for Apple Watch

Apple obtained a patent for a sensor “very accurate” of the body temperaturemeant for Apple Watch. And given the arrival of the eighth generation of the Apple smartwatch in September, there is a chance to see it up and running very soon.

Apple patents a body temperature sensor for Apple Watch

The new patent, as reported by MyHealthyApple, is called “Sensor for the temperature gradient in electronic devices“. A title that suggests a sensor that can be applied to different types of devices, from earphones to smartphones.

But the device-related illustrations clearly relate to an Apple Watch. In fact, it is common practice to keep a sufficiently vague language to be able to eventually apply that same technology in other areas. But the sensor is for Apple Watch, there is no question.

apple watch body temperature sensor min

The patented system works by calculating the temperature difference between two sensors placed at the ends of a small probe. One end touches the surface to be measured while the other is connected to the thermal sensor. The difference in voltage can thus be related to the temperature difference, providing a measurement of body temperature.

The patent goes into technical details, explaining how it can measure both internal temperatures of the device (for example of the processor) and external surfaces, such as our skin.

According to the indiscretions reported by the analyst Ming-Chi KuoApple originally intended to bring the temperature sensor to the current one Apple Watch Series 7. But the company postponed, due to problems with the algorithm to measure it. In fact, the temperature of the skin can vary rather quickly depending on the external temperature (for this reason the thermometers are used in protected areas, such as the armpits for example). So we need an algorithm capable of taking this problem into account. However, this hardware solution could solve the problem, with an additional reference value.

So we will see this sensor in Apple Watch 8? Many rumors suggest that the temperature sensor will be there and it could work just like this. We just have to wait for September to find out.

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