Apple patents an iPhone with the display also on the back

Apple brevetta un iPhone con il display anche sul retro thumbnail

Apple has patented a technology to enlarge the display on iPhone so that it also arrives on the back of the smartphone. A 360-degree screen, with glass over the entire surface. Which theoretically could even go up Mac and even on Apple Watch, in the future.

Apple patents a technology for an iPhone with the display also on the back

One six-sided screen, which covers the entire surface of the iPhone with glass. With the possibility of having a quality touchscreen at least on the front and back of your smartphone. In the patent filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, he explains that this technology could be revolutionary. In fact, it could break down the barriers between the front and back of a smartphone, allowing di move content as if it were a single large screen.

This process might allow you to look at one panoramic photography turning the iPhone on itself. Or it might allow you to move an application or an icon on the back when you don’t need it. Also, you can navigate (for example on the Maps app) in every direction, without sending the map out of position.

Patently Apple

Also, Apple explains in the patent that they can still be used different pressures for different commands. For example, you could ‘squeeze’ the glass edges of the phone to turn the volume up or down, eliminating the need to find space for buttons.

A future with an iPhone (and perhaps even a Mac Pro and Apple Watch) made entirely of glass, with displays that revolve around the device, is no longer a utopia. But in all likelihood it still remains far away. Apple realizes the possible resistance problems of the device, which would be extremely delicate.

So it’s not worth it to start saving now for this iPhone with the display on the back as well. But should there be any news in the coming months (or more realistically years), we will keep you informed.