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Apple patents new technologies for its AR / VR headset

Apple would have deposited two new patentswith technologies designed for visore AR/VR that the company is expected to launch within a year. In fact it seems that the Apple will not be able to present the viewer for mixed reality (Apple Glasses?) by the end of 2022, but who wants to announce it at the latest at the beginning of next year.

Apple, two new patents for the AR / VR headset

According to reports Patently Applespecialized newspaper that deals with checking the documents presented by Cupertino al U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, there are two new technologies on the way. The first is about the screen head-mounted device (HMD)which uses an infrared mirror to be placed in front of the face.

In the patent we see devices that resemble sunglasses or ski goggles, covered with a layer that reflects infrared. We read that “lo infrared-transparent mirror it could be formed by a layer of materials supported by a structure applied to the face or other support structure “.

Patently Apple goes on to explain that there will be several optical components in the headset, including one camera in the visible spectrum, a device that emits infrared and a sensor to read the infrared. All of which will be “hidden” by this newly patented mirror.

The other patent instead speaks of a system for the charging the HMD interface. The system includes a display indicator on the display, a battery and a transformer.

Patents do not always end in fruition, but rumors about this product have been circulating for a long time and it seems that Apple is preparing the ground to launch the device. We will keep you informed.

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