I prossimi prodotti Apple avranno un numero di serie più lungo thumbnail

Apple products will have a serial number with an extra digit

Future Apple products will have a longer thumbnail serial number

The Apple range is increasingly rich in products and manage an efficient system for the serial number of each device it is not very easy, especially as regards the identification of the correct products for repairs. For this reason, Apple is preparing a novelty. Future products that Apple will launch over the next few years will have a longer serial number. Here are all the details related to this novelty coming from the Cupertino house:

Apple will extend the serial number of its products

Starting next Octobernew Apple products will use an 18-digit serial number instead of a 17-digit serial number. The system is designed to ensure a more accurate management of the range, especially as regards the identification of spare parts to be used in case of repair of a device.

This change will take effect starting from October and, most likely, it will only concern new products arriving on the market. At the moment, there are no indications related to the new iPhone and Apple Watch that will debut in September but certainly starting with the new iPad and Mac arriving in October it is reasonable to expect an extension of the serial numbers, with the addition of a digit in more.

Further updates on the issue are expected to arrive in the coming days. For users it should not change much while for those who carry out repairs it is a very important novelty as the identification of the components of the products passes precisely by the serial number.

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