Apple permette di votare sull'App Store anche le app preinstallate thumbnail

Apple promotes the App Store with Google ads

Apple promotes the App Store with Google thumbnail ads

According to an online source, Apple is secretly investing in advertisements Google to promote some iOS apps and increase revenue from users’ microtransactions. Among other things, the company publishes ads without the consent of the developers. And Google doesn’t remove the ads at all. Indeed, it would seem that Apple collects millions of dollars from subscriptions to famous apps such as Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Masterclass or Bumple. In reality, the ads do not make a direct reference to the App Store, yet clicking on it refers right there.

App Store: Apple promotes apps on Google Ads

“Apple is trying to maximize the revenue it generates by promoting in-app purchases from the App Store. The company realized that it could earn more from developers by encouraging users to shop on the App Store, rather than on the Internet. ” So reports a source outside the company. “Apple has realized that they can make more money from these developers if they push people to the App Store to buy there than a web stream.” On the other hand, for the uninitiated, the iPhone apps that offer subscription services can also process payments through the company’s payment gateway. In doing so, the company receives the 30% of revenue in the first year and 15% in each subsequent year.

At the same time, some companies manage to bypass the system, thus acquiring all the revenue. Speaking of which, it might appear that Google advertising is a good way to promote and increase revenue for developers, but that’s not really the case. When users subscribe through the App Store, developers receive 30% less revenue. Major advertisers believe that such a policy from Apple harm developers and publishers, as it leads to a decrease in their income and also helps to increase the amount of funds needed to promote applications. Yet despite this, Apple doesn’t seem willing to change its strategy.

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