Apple: in arrivo i chip modem proprietari entro il 2023? thumbnail

Apple: proprietary modem chips on the way by 2023?

Apple: proprietary modem chips coming by 2023?  thumbnail

Qualcomm plans to provide only 20% of the modem ai iPhone of 2023, while Apple is preparing to launch its own proprietary modem chips, to cover the remaining production bulk. Apple continues its strategy of internalizing another sector of the production of its devices, which would allow the company to cut supplier costs.

Apple is preparing to launch its proprietary modem chips

The 5G modem Apple developed for its 2023 “iPhone” models is said to be separate from its A-series chip, tentatively called the “A17”. It therefore seems official that Apple is hard at work producing its own modem chips, in order to have even more complete control over the supply of its iPhones and iPads, as in the past with the Ax series processors.

It was just right Qualcomm to unofficially confirm this news, given that the company’s CFO explained that in 2023 his company will produce only 20% of the modem chips actually used by Apple. Which, of course, suggests that the Cupertino-based company is well on its way with regards to its custom modem chips.

Unfortunately, however, this is all we know about the chips and Apple has not yet shared details about how they work or in what aspects they will differ from the competition. Having said that, it is very likely that, since these are customized components, the bitten Apple will first optimize energy consumption and, secondly, will work on receiving the 5G connection.

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