Apple returns to talk about “homeOS”

Apple torna a parlare di "homeOS" thumbnail

Last October Apple had mentioned among its future projects as well homeOS, an operating system that could be implemented on smart home devices such as Apple TV and HomePod. Notably, the reference to the system appeared in the job posting to find an engineer for Apple Music. Released on October 12, the ad was first edited and then removed, leaving users in doubt. Will the operating system arrive yes or no? Let’s try to understand it together.

homeOS, new clues about Apple’s operating system are popping up

“You will work with Apple’s system engineers, learning the internal mechanics of iOS, watchOS, tvOS and homeOS and optimizing the code for performance in a way that only Apple can.” This is the text of the job announcement published by Apple on October 12th. As you can imagine, what impressed users most was the reference to homeOs, which had already been mentioned in May, in the job posting to find a senior iOS engineer for Apple Music. Apparently, in these days rumors about Apple’s future projects have begun to circulate again.

The company is said to be secretly developing a unified operating system which combines resources for Apple TV, HomePod mini and other future products. At the moment, we don’t have clear evidence that this is really happening. But it would appear that Apple is intent on pushing the smart home sector. And creating homeOS would be the first step in making it possible. Be careful though! We don’t know if this will really be the name of the unified system, or if it will keep the HomeKit name instead. But it matters little, because the real news is that Apple chooses to enter our homes with its services.